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Postman SMTP Replaced by Post SMTP


SMTP to the rescue for WordPress email non-delivery WordPress has a built-in mail script, but unfortunately, there is a high rate of delivery failure using wp_mail(), as many Internet Service Providers consider it insecure and block.  There is a presumption that the email being sent via WordPress

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WordPress Maintenance: Is it a necessity?

website maintenance
WordPress maintenance is not an option Do you think it's wise to never update your personal computer or even your mobile device operating systems and applications?  Likely you would never intentionally skip those updates and taking care to safeguard your devices for anti-virus and making appropriate backupsRead more

Check Your WordPress Plugins for SI Captcha

No Spam wanted
This morning I received a WPMU Blog Post reporting that the very popular plugin SI Captcha has been permanently removed from the WordPress(.org) Plugin Repository.  Why?  Ironically, because the new plugin owner & developer (since June 2017) embedded the plugin with spam code! If you are aRead more

The WWW Cunundrom

www yes or no
The recent move to migrating websites to SSL based on the Google mandate has made the usage of www as a yes or no an issue requiring action. In a recent article, iThemes discussed this topic in detail and provide a terrific tutorial that I will certainly useRead more

Bluehost Offering Free WordPress SSL

Comodo SSL
Bluehost is among several hosts now offering free WordPress SSL certificates without the requirement for dedicated IP addresses. Frankly, this news came as a surprise today, as I was planning to add a Comodo Positive SSL certificate in a cart so that the client could log inRead more

SSL in 2017: a new Google mandate

Secure Web https and ssl
So what's the buzz about Google issuing penalties for sites that don't employ SSL?  Well, it's true, and in the next month, I'll certainly be busy converting over websites to use HTTPS and not just HTTP pages. What is SSL? Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a securityRead more

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