Partnership with Sullivan Solutions

Creative by Clark is pleased about our partnership with Sullivan Solutions — a creative marketing and brand management firm located in our Dublin, OH community.  It has been a very positive experience.  Without the pressure of business development on our shoulders, as a solopreneurship, it is a relief to be valued for our technical acumen assisting them as needed as a WordPress Developer.

We’ve truly enjoyed the collaboration with a team of very talented pros, too.  From their very contemporary design and superb graphic skills, we are often challenged to bring a 2-dimensional design comp to life in WordPress.  There is a tremendous amount of respect in our relationship.  They do already have considerable expertise in-house with WordPress, but often lack the time.  However, it is extremely helpful to me that they understand WordPress and know how to challenge me to push the limits!

We take zero credit for the design creativity — that’s all their talent.  But we thoroughly enjoy the design process that often includes our input in finding solutions for desired functionality.

In some cases, we become a technical consultant offering advice or troubleshooting.  However, we typically fulfill the following needs:

  • Configure hosting environments to include assisting with host selection
  • Migrate sites from host to host
  • WordPress Installations including setting up databases for optimum security (single site and multisite)
  • Implement Sullivan Solutions’ uniquely creative, bespoke website designs and specs
  • Custom Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Services

A few of the projects we’ve completed are included below.

Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties

Sugardaddy's Home page
  • WordPress Multisite Installation
  • WooCommerce Online Store – highly customized with unique reporting
  • No inventory retained – orders generate on-demand, custom baking
  • Seasonal Flavors (we notice they are not using this capability correctly)
  • Customers pick a desired delivery date with baking and shipping calculated on that basis
  • Customized shipping zones and tables
  • Retail POS System (not public)

» Learn more about this project – visit our project page

» Visit Sugardaddy’s website (opens in a new browser window/tab)

Jewels of the Vineyard

Jewels of the Vineyard home page
  • WordPress Single Site Install
  • WooCommerce Online Store
  • Retail pricing visible to all
  • Wholesale pricing visible only to authorized vendors
  • Highly customized design and visual displays
  • Plugin developed for a dashboard report for items on Consignment to qualifying vendors
  • Challenged to retain very high image quality while not sacrificing load speed

» Learn more about this project – visit our project page

» Visit the Jewels of the Vineyard website (opens in a new browser window/tab)

Jackson & Gary, Co., LPA

Jackson & Gary website by Sullivan Solutions
  • WordPress Single Installation
  • Special offer document CTA with subscribe first requirement
  • View Online Tax Reports with a subscription option to get the PDF file delivery

» Visit Jackson & Gary’s website (opens in a new browser window/tab)

Kinetic Insights

Kinetic Insights website by Sullivan Solutions
  • WordPress Single Site Install
  • Unique design requirements
  • Considerable CSS customization of theme (Avada)

» Visit the Kinetic Insights website (opens in a new browser window/tab)