Project Sampler

We are proud to spotlight a small sample of our many projects below.  We have dozens more we can share by request*.  While we do have considerable past experience with Brand Identity & Logo Design, Print and other types of projects, our primary focus the past few years has been on WordPress Website Design, Implementation & Development.

*So long as it does not violate confidentiality, during in-person meetings, we can provide a demo of some Creative by Clark client WordPress dashboards during in-person or online meetings.

Debbie Clark's role as a WordPress Implementation Specialist & Developer for Sullivan Solutions

Since early 2015, Debbie Clark has collaborated with Sullivan Solutions, a full-service marketing agency,  to fulfill their WordPress website implementation and development needs on multiple projects—some being quite complex.  Some projects are presented below with the following notices and disclaimers:

  • Sullivan Solutions has graciously granted permission for us to disclose our role with their firm and release us to include collaborative projects by name on our website
  • We claim no visual design credit.  We implement their design vision and directives—translating a 2D design and functionality wish-list into a working website
  • While sharing some aspects of development needs on a site-by-site basis, there are limits to what we can display.  This discretion ensures there are no violations of their client’s confidentiality or that too many details are shared that could endanger the security of those websites or provide advantage to competitors

For larger projects requiring comprehensive brand identity and marketing deliverables, we are likely to suggest a collaboration with Sullivan Solutions as a partner.  Their incredible business acumen, larger and highly qualified multi-faceted team and cutting-edge design capabilities will enhance the final outcome and speed time-to-market.

Sullivan Solutions Projects where we have collaborated as a developer and/or provide ongoing technical maintenance services:

Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties

Jewels of the Vineyard

the Art of Cheryl Thompson

Jackson & Gary, LPA

Sophisticated Styling

Kinetic Insights

Lehman Daman

Magnascope Media (in development)

Miss Natural World (in development)

Project Spotlight

Jewels of the Vineyard

Jewels of the Vineyard home page

We collaborated as the WordPress Developer on this complex Sullivan Solutions’ project that combined functionality of two previously separate websites – one a public retail storefront and the second a wholesale catalog for Jewels of the Vineyard—a very successful artisan jewelry design business:

» Visit the Jewels of the Vineyard website (opens in a new browser window/tab)

  • Configure a new complex WooCommerce store to their visual design matching strict brand standards.
  • Match Sullivan Solutions’ new visual design on the front-end to include some challenging custom displays on the home page and product pages
  • Create a complex taxonomy to address a very robust product line where two distinctly different structures existed in the previous separate websites
  • Addressing all possible use case scenarios, the front-end of the site displays products and pricing differently dependent upon the customer role: wholesale vendor and public retail
  • Import all previous customer, product and sales data from the two websites and sync where the same products have both retail and wholesale pricing (only displayed for actual wholesale vendors)
  • Provide an easy method for the store owner to manage her expansive inventory
  • Challenged to provide a custom solution for product she provides on “Consignment” to eligible wholesale vendors and the impact on inventory and tracking those products in a standalone dashboard utility (this was a custom plugin we developed)
  • Create a new method to display Sales & Promotions – either straight “on-sale” products or those selected for occasional Name Your Price promotions (retail only).

Related Project

In addition to Jewels of the Vineyard, we also collaborated with Sullivan Solutions to build an online portfolio website for the owner/artist’s paintings – again setting their visual design and spec translating to a live website:

» Visit the Art of Cheryl Thompson website (opens in a new browser window/tab)

HomePro Handyman

HomePro Handyman Website

We helped HomePro Handyman kick-start their new home handyman business in the Central Ohio area.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Comprehensive Brand Standards
  • Website
  • Facebook Page

» Visit the HomePro Handyman website(opens in a new browser window/tab). 

Related Projects

We also assisted with the brand identity and websites for two additional related websites owned by this client:

» Visit the Ruhl Brick Pavers website(opens in a new browser window/tab)

» Visit the BobcatPro website(opens in a new browser window/tab)

*Creative by Clark does not maintain these websites and cannot attest to their performance.  

Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties

Sugardaddy's Home page

We collaborated as the WordPress Developer on this complex Sullivan Solutions’ project that replaced a previous website on a proprietary, unfriendly platform. Sugardaddy’s required not only a powerful website for their custom-baked brownies, but also a second POS system for their retail storefront(s).  To ensure ease of navigation for the business owners, their websites were created in a WordPress Multisite (Network) enabling authorized personnel convenient movement between their systems.

Online Store:

  • Configure a new complex WooCommerce store to their visual design matching strict brand standards.
  • Working with the Sullivan Solutions’ web designer, we collaborated to develop a complex product taxonomy that would improve upon the previous system while keeping some familiarity in product naming, structures, SKUs so Sugardaddy’s would have both an easier transition to the new platform and have some similar structures in their sales reporting.
  • Unlike the majority of stores, inventory is not maintained but rather is created as a result of the order and is baked to order.
  • Adding to the complexity of the above, customers select their desired delivery date which can be far future.  This creates some unique challenges as brownies are baked the day they ship and only on specific days.
  • Design a complex zone-based table rate shipping system

Retail POS System

  • Still using WordPress within the network, the POS system provided much of the same back-end functionality and sales reporting as the online store eliminating the need to learn another platform
  • Appropriate security in place to prevent any unwanted access of the front-end POS system
  • The POS system was customized to provide not only a brand standard visual appearance, but also make it easy to control product displays with the option to manage individual locations and cash registers
  • Provide integration at the sales clerk level to force collection of vital information depending upon whether a cash, check or credit card sale AND accept any authorized promotion codes
  • Ability to include messaging for on-screen reminders about upcoming sales and promotions or perhaps a new seasonal flavor (and the ability to add the messaging to an optional printed invoice).
  • Provide a mechanism for store admins to record off-site sales through the POS system when taken to conventions or for their local delivery wholesale accounts.


Pine Lakes Lodge Bed & Breakfast

New Pine Lakes Lodge Home Design - scheduled for launch early July 2016
New Pine Lakes Lodge Home Design

Pine Lakes Lodge is a beautiful bed and breakfast near Cambridge, OH.  My initial project a few years ago was to convert their existing static HTML website to WordPress, but there was a requirement to retain the previous visual design as closely as possible.  And unfortunately, there were few photographic or other image assets to even suggest a change.  By converting to WordPress, the goal was to make it easier to manage content, add some new functionality, and increase SEO.

As my relationship with the corporate owners has strengthened, I have earned their trust and they value my opinion.  We have agreed it is time to refresh the design and organizational structure of this website, and the image above is the projected new design with a cleaner look and far more streamlined logical structure.

While many designers and clients are stuck in the formula featuring a home page slider right under the menu, studies are providing reliable metrics against this practice.  The new site will be brighter, but intense color will source from lodge images with less clutter in the background and eliminates the typical slider in the above-the-fold position under the menu.  Instead, relevant information will occupy page prime real estate.

We will use a full-width design that will adjust responsively and be optimized for mobile.  Using a mega-menu system drop-downs will be set to full-width and enable population with columnar information, descriptive text, images, forms, and more.  Our goal is to put information at the fingertips of prospective lodge guests as quickly as possible and make their site navigation far more intuitive and rewarding. The current structure and UI is abysmal.

Pine Lakes Lodge did not have a bona fide logo icon per se, so the new design features a different view of the lodge with an overlay of a new logo design I created.  They plan to use this new icon for additional branding to include uniform shirts.

There’s a lot more to say, but the rest will have to wait until the launch.  We’ll do a before and after case study at that time to provide some insights into the decisions made.

The current dark and cluttered visual design can be seen below.

» View the Pine Lakes Lodge website (current version – opens in a new browser window/tab)

Update:  Due to the passing of owner Mr. Joseph Detweiler, the progress on numerous content changes and the website launch is pending with the estate.   We may present the before and after as a theoretical case study at some time in the future if we are unable to launch the new website design.

Radnor Crew Club - Philadelphia, PA

Radnor Crew entry portal page

After many years with a Dreamweaver-based site (that we also designed), it was decided to convert to a WordPress Multisite (Network) platform to offer a total of five websites:

  • More visual design and usability consistency between 3 public websites:

1) Radnor Crew Club entry portal website
2) Radnor Girls Crew Club (RGCC) and
3) Radnor Boys Crew Club (RBCC)

  • Provide a web-accessible content management system
  • Build the new sites in a WordPress Multisite Network enabling very versatile webmaster and editorial roles
  • Utilize cross-network tools to manage all users and core functionalities – see image carousel below for Member System
  • Provide a Front-End System for authorized users to login and upload photos from regattas and social events to a sophisticated album system – see image carousel below for screenshot – this uses a pull-out drawer for convenience consistently on both RGCC and RBCC.  Unlike the member management, there was no need to provide cross network sharing of images – but it could have been possible with code modification.
  • Provide custom design within the network for consistent visual design and features while enabling unique club branding and content
  • It is not uncommon for multiple members of one family to have students enrolled in both the boys and girls crew organizations – either simultaneously or in subsequent years.  Consistent design provides more usability between websites with a common navigation system and similar toolsets to avoid parental confusion.
  • Provide a secure (private) communication website (using BuddyPress)
  • Provide a secure (private) support system and training website with how-to videos and training manuals by task for consistent knowledge transfer

Website Development History

Lisa Imondi - Singer/Songwriter

Lisa Imondi Home Page

We helped Lisa Imondi, Singer-Songwriter with several projects over the past few years.

  • Complete Re-Brand Project to include marketing strategy, focus groups and brand identity
  • Logo Design
  • Comprehensive Brand Standards
  • Initial Adobe Dreamweaver website  converted to existing WordPress website
  • Stationery System
  • 3 CD Cover Designs
  • Concert Promotion to include Posters & Ticket Design

» Visit the Lisa Imondi Singer/Songwriter website (opens in a new browser window/tab)*

*Creative by Clark does not maintain this website and cannot attest to its performance

See additional project samples, as referenced, in the carousel below.

Antonio Velardo Blog

When initially contacted to convert a blog to a standalone self-hosted entity, we operate through a third party and the client picked a specific “Faculty” theme for use.  With little leeway for visual design or performance, the initial version of the blog was locked by the design constraints of that theme.  Blog content came from mixed sources and included a dynamic RSS Feed Aggregator that generated posts on the self-hosted version from another blog site.

In late summer 2016, we were contacted directly by the client with a request to streamline the visual design and make it more contemporary and clean in appearance.  We also put all the posts in a masonry grid on the home page with a menu structure breaking the posts and other content down into specific topics.  This is a work in progress.

Faculty Theme Before

Old blog design

New Design

Current Antonio Velardo Blog