A testimonial from a client or former colleague is golden.  Below are a sample of available comments.  Many of our projects are executed with confidence.  However, we are always happy to provide a reference prior to a project engagement upon request.

I just wanted to let you know that we sent out the email blast last night and we are getting absolutely rave reviews about the new site. People love the colors, the design etc. So – thanks so much for making me look good! We are so happy with the outcome.

Lisa Imondi

Lisa Imondi Home Page
Stasis Services Website

Deborah’s creative work took the refined Stasis Services brand concept from a written document to a visual statement, which was an important part of our rebranding project. For any firm in need of a creative person that understands the importance of standards and attention to detail, please consider Creative by Clark.

Paul Graves
Technology Advisor Stasis Services

Debbie is a highly intuitive person and a delight to work with. She has a unique blend of creativity, strong information technology skills and keen business insight. She is driven to do what’s right for her clients and her company, putting them before her own personal gain. Debbie has the highest quality standards. She believes if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. She is a “can-do” person, willing to take charge and lead the most difficult and demanding situations. Her ethics are impeccable. These skills and attributes have earned her the utmost respect with her BizCarta teammates, our clients, and our business partners.

Mr. Terry Fiero
Former COO & President BizCarta, Inc.*

Deborah is a creative, committed professional always willing to “go the extra mile” to generate quality results. She will bring a fresh perspective to any project.

Ms. Christina Stableford
Former Vice President: BizCarta, Inc.*

Exceptional in everything she does. Thorough, well organized and ALWAYS EXCEEDS expectations.

Kevin Casey
CEO/Owner/President: BizCarta, Inc.*


*The US-headquarted BizCarta, Inc. is now closed.  A separate organization BizCarta Technologies India Pvt. Ltd now utilizes the brand under different ownership.  Debbie Clark/Creative by Clark maintains no affiliation but cannot erase my previous creative work that lives on from my portfolio and history.

As a professional in the design field, it has always been difficult for me to call on the services of other creative design professionals.   After 13 years in business and 3 failed attempts at developing a website, I finally grudgingly accepted the reality that website and marketing were not in my scope of abilities. I was referred to Creative by Clark by a family member who had worked with Debbie to develop a website for her business.    When I met with Debbie my thoughts, ideas, and visions were scattered and unorganized.   To make things even more difficult, I presented Debbie the additional challenge of trying to bring two different business services together under one coherent brand. Debbie helped pull all the pieces together and make sense of everything from a branding standpoint.  She was then able to take that and develop a web presence that is uniquely creative, polished, and professional.   I look forward to continuing to work with Debbie on the next stage of development and would highly recommend Creative by Clark to anyone seeking professional and creative guidance with brand and web presence.

Mike Imondi
Owner – Landscape Design First and LDF – Outdoor Lighting