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When I launched Creative by Clark in 2007, my consultancy provided numerous services to include brand identity, graphic design, marketing communications, and website design—my original long-term strategy was to evolve into a small agency with multiple employees.   After the first year,  I realized that I just wanted the freedom to work for myself, by myself.  Especially for a new business start-up, I will still consider providing a package that includes brand identity and some print materials.  And I am proud of the work I’ve completed. But for new clients who have sufficient budget and might need more intensive marketing assistance, I am happy to refer to my collaborative partner Sullivan Solutions.

The past few years have focused on WordPress website design and development — my niche skill (after many years as a Certified Adobe Dreamweaver Developer). Despite having the ability to do more, my business model is streamlined and more efficient with a more dedicated, limited service focus.  I know what I do best and enjoy the most. I find it far easier as a solopreneur to continue investing in continuing education and technology literacy by not trying to be a jack of all trades with multiple CMS platforms.

As a WordPress designer/developer, having the breadth of understanding about brand strategy, visual design and marketing communications materially assist my web projects especially in aligning a client’s website with their brand and business goals.  While I complete a few website projects that include add-on projects such as a brand identity refresh or a digital brochure, more often than not, I refer my website clients to another agency who have the personnel and talent for these services.

Creative by Clark maintains a close, collaborative relationship with Sullivan Solutions.  While they have many staff members who are WordPress savvy, I am now their lead WordPress developer.  I transform their creative vision and visual design into a working, very bespoke website that often includes special functionality that I develop. » View some of our collaborative WordPress projects.  

The Back History:

Debbie Clark possesses a strong background in biomedical computing with a history working at The Ohio State University College of Medicine Division of Computing Services for several years.  While there she managed a computer teaching laboratory and developed curriculum to training College faculty, staff and medical students on the use of computers in medicine.  Many of the materials developed were embraced campus-wide in the 80s.  She was an internal consultant who collaborated with both her peers and independently to develop research databases, troubleshoot computer problems within the college, install hardware and software, develop new solutions, and lecture for several classes.  At a national and international level, she was well-known in what an emerging field with her collaborations with others to convert software programs from mainframe to PC-based versions.  Debbie was an active presenter at numerous conferences and was an award recipient from the American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics (AAMSI).  She co-authored several papers published in the AAMSI Proceedings and an article on Wide Area Networks in Medicine in the Journal of Medical Records Technology.

In the mid-80s, Debbie decided to leave OSU and start her first consultancy.  She enjoyed tremendous success working with such notable clients as COBA Select Sires, Ross Laboratories (Abbot Pharmaceuticals) and OSU College of Engineering.

After marriage and motherhood, Debbie decided to close her business as it required significant travel.  She focused on freelance activities that would enable her to remain at home.  By the mid-90s, her attention focused on web design, and she began her journey to become a Dreamweaver Designer/Developer.

By the early 2000s, Debbie was working closely with a local IT company called OSSID (and the proper way to verbally pronounce the brand was to literally say each letter in succession).  The company didn’t own the .com version of their domain; that belonged to a packaging company.  All-in-all, despite considerably excellent services and solutions, they had a terrible brand identity that was confusing despite how nice their websites developed by Debbie.  In early 2005, a decision prevailed to finally rebrand OSSID and change to a service-centric brand positioning.  Debbie was hired as CMO and lead the initiative to re-brand the company to BizCarta. The rebrand was incredibly successful and within one year, BizCarta was ranked #11 in the Business First Fast 50.  Profits soared with a cohesive marketing plan that aligned with business strategy.

Debbie left as CMO, but continued to consult with BizCarta for a few years as she built Creative by Clark. BizCarta, Inc. in the United States has since closed, however, the brand was secured by BizCarta Technologies India Pvt Ltd. (https://bizcarta.io)  The existing organization has repurposed the brand under their own guidelines, and Creative by Clark/Debbie Clark no longer maintains an affiliation.  However, the prior relationship with BizCarta, Inc. cannot be erased from the past and professional expertise/portfolio.

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